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西递 xidi
安徽Anhui 西递Xidi-xidi_1 >>huang015



Picture ID:  huang015
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This view was from the main road side of the village. I saw a small red pavillion perched on the side of a hill which persuaded me out of the village to its platform. I took this photo on the way. The shrubby path up was narrow with some parts fenced on both sides of the way. I passed several houses and sheds to get to the lonely pavillion. Once under its roof, I was disappointed with what I can see. There were too many trees and fences breaking up the view. I went back down to the village and tries to get back to the village the same way I went out: however, there were three old men sitting atop the low wall, which surroundes the roadside part of the village, forbading me from getting back in. The rule here is per ticket per single entry. They didn't want a single ticket to be used by several people. So I have to reason with them. I explained that I came out to get to the pavillion to have a bird's eye view of the grand village. And since the pavillion is part of the village, I am technically still inside. They nodded, and I quickly went back in. I have to persuade another group one more time later when I missed the bus back to town. I said I missed the last bus back to town, so now I like to stay overnight inside the village. They shook their heads. They didn't believe I am the owner of the ticket. They want proof that was inside. Well, giving them names of well-known houses did not work. But I was in luck, because previously I went in an inn where I asked if there was a rooftop I can used to take photos. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the inn. I describe the rooftop to them. Getting to the rooftop waas unusual(I think)because I have to climb a narrow, vertical metal ladder. They question one another for a minute, and then someone nodded. I went straight to the inn and book a bed.