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西递 Xidi
安徽Anhui 西递Xidi-xidi_3 >>huang022



Picture ID:  huang022
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I had a small conversation with the owner of this house. A woman in her 60s with her grandson were sitting inside when I walked in. She had been doing some dusting and wiping as can be seen in the photo. Her single wood-paneled room was sparse with nothing more than what you can see in the photo. Above was a open ceiling with a menzhao(see the previous square photo) attached to the white stone wall. Overall, it was no ordinary house. But there were no tourists around. I was not surprise since I noticed that not a single tour guide look in its direction. So, it became my target instead. I asked the matron why is her house not as popular as the others. It seems obvious--she had nothing to sell nor did she collects an entrance fee(she did collect one from me), so there is no commission to be made here. Also of interest is that the villagers are given a small(very small)percentage of the tourist money earned annually.