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嘉峪关 Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)
万里长城Great Wall 嘉峪关Jiayuguan-jiayuguan_2 >>jiayu0016


Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass)

Picture ID:  jiayu0016
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The entrance gate to the 关帝庙 Guandi temple. 关羽 Guanyu was a well-known general of the Three Kingdowms Era (222A.D. - 280A.D.). After his death, many temples were built to honor him and he was worshipped as 关帝 Guandi. His functions are many: generally, he is revered as a noble guardian of the poor (or wealthy), as one who wards off unwanted matters, as one to call for excellence in learning, as one to call for protection, and some others. You will find him everywhere -- in restaurants, in triads' terrotories, in police departments, in funeral homes, as well as many parts of the Great Wall.