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嘉峪关 - 骆驼,马 Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass) - Camels and Horses
万里长城Great Wall 嘉峪关Jiayuguan-jiayuguan_3 >>jiayu0037

嘉峪关 - 骆驼,马

Jiayuguan (Jiayu Pass) - Camels and Horses

Picture ID:  jiayu0037
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Camels are stubborn beasts. I like them. At the end of the day, I rode on one. It was a white camel (the only one) and we rode all the way to the east gate and onto the streets, a half hour ride. The owner with his brown camel rode in front and mines followed unwillingly. To get to the east gate and back into civilation, we had to go some distance to a breach on the south great wall. The undulating road made a great ride, and my two-humped camel just raced down and up the slopes, but then crawl on flat fields. I wasn't worried, if I can handle a horse I can handle a camel as well. The camel in front seemed to jingle along. It swaying butt was a big display. It surprised me when its gate flap opened and a cave-full of black balls suddenly, like an avalanche, dropped without a thought. They were no larger than lottery balls. And when I first saw them and held one up to the sky, I thought, they must be from outer space. The camel repeated this a few times before we got to the streets, so I know its operations quite well. When we got to the streets, my camel felt happy. Every few meters she would reach up to the trees and chew leaves. I was quite satified with the whole ride until I got off and stepped on her droppings. It wouldn't have been so bad if her's were balls, but instead it was the mud pie variety. I wonder if she had a bad day.