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  • Portriat of a Uygur girl in 二堡乡 Erbaoxiang

    《二堡乡游记》Framing Erbaoxiang

    A travelogue on 二堡乡Erbaoxiang, a nearby township of 吐鲁番Tulufan (Turfan or Turpan), a county level city in western China's 新疆Xinjiang province. The well-known 高昌故城Gaochang Ruins is within this lively town, and the unusual 火焰山Huoyanshan (Flaming Mountains) is just right across from it. --- Read >>>

  • Xiangshawan sand dune

    《响沙湾游记》Toward Xiangshawan Sand Dunes

    A short travelogue on my road trip to 响沙湾沙漠Xiangshawan, a nearby desert not far from 包头市Baotou city in Neimenggu (Inner Mongolia). The local map promotes this attraction as the nearest real desert to a city. The desert's sand dunes rises several stories above flat gravel ground, and nearby are farm fields. --- Read >>>